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(Jimmy Buse Bio)


Jimmy Buse graduated on the Deanís List in the class of 2009 at Berklee College of Music with a bachelorís degree in Professional Music. Within ten years, Jimmy went from being self-taught to being recognized as an accomplished guitarist. He has studied under great talents such as: "Kevin Wyer" (one of Kurt Cobainís only known teachers), "Joe Stump" who played with (Reign Of Terror, Shooting Hemlock, and HolyHell), "Bruce Katz" (Allman Brothers touring keyboardist), "Julien Kasper" who has opened for "B.B King" and recorded with "Bruce Katz", "Shaun Michaud" former member of (Fates Warning) and many others.  Jimmyís accomplishments make him eager to help others achieve their dreams and find their own musical voice through the proper methods of musical instruction.  Jimmy's achievements have allowed him optimal teaching opportunities as well as insight into music theory and song analysis.

(Bands and Discography)

("Imperial Stout" - 2006 Demo), Black Sun, Centric, Modus, Imperial Stout


(Method of instruction)

Jimmy's initial musical instruction with his students begins with the basics of tuning-restringing your instrument.  String/note names, getting to know your goals with the instrument, and what playing style you wish to pursue.  From there the real instruction begins with:

  1. Chordal structure (major, minor, augmented, and diminished), position playing, triads "closed and spread voiced" intervals. The pentatonic scale, the diatonic melodic minor, and harmonic minor modes, arpeggios "both triadic and four part", the diminished scale, song analysis, intonation, and improvisational techniques.

  2. Picking techniques including: Strumming patterns, alternate picking patterns, sweep picking, natural harmonics, pinch/artificial harmonics, legato style picking, sliding, hammer-ons, pull offs, triplets, quintuplets, septuplets, bending the strings, and the use of your tremolo bar "if applicable".

  3. Using different techniques/special effects to alter tones including: vibrato, staccato, tapping harmonics, and effect pedals designed for acoustic and electric guitars.

  4. Learning songs that student request's, such as songs on the radio and writing songs to apply the materials talked about above to implement the techniques in every one of my students playing.

(Books that Jimmy teaches from)



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