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We here at Mile high Music Academy thought what better way to tell you about ourselves than to have parents, students, and companies that associate with us here at the school.  Here are just a hand full of recommendations from over the years...

(Letters of Recommendation)

Drum City Guitar Land

September 16th 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Dino Cuneo is one of the most talented drummers of our time.  He has been on numerous albums of all types of music including jazz to metal, and everything in between.  I have as high a level of respect for his drumming and teaching ability, as I do for the top names in the drumming community around the Country.  I have told Dino on more than one occasion "If you only had a well known name, you would be doing drum clinics for us".  (Drum City Guitar Land) has officially endorsed Dino since 2001, and I have no doubt that he will "Be At The Top Of His Class" and has the chops to accompany any type of band needing an exceptional drummer of his capability.  

I have a copy of Dino's first drum instructional book (Progressive Drum Method Vol. I) sitting on my desk at the store and recommend his (books/dvd's/knowledge/ability and experience) to any and all.  Dino has been a  personal friend of mine for many years, and hope to keep his friendship for many years to come.


Tim Kae

Co-Owner (Drum City Guitar Land) Denver, Colorado (303) 421-4515

Denver School of Music

August 16, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

Dino Cuneo worked for Denver School of Music 2004 and 2005. During that time he developed great relationships with his students and the faculty. Using a method he developed over a decade of teaching, he got students on their feet in a remarkably short span of time. His method is a logical and progressive path, building from a simple foundation anyone can understand. Over time, it builds into startling combinations that lead to four-limb independence, freeing drummers from the burden of technical limitations, letting them be the expressive musicians they strive to be.

Dino is a fantastic teacher with a heart of gold. Drummers of any level should jump at the opportunity to learn from him, as he draws from a broad, experience-rich background.


Robert Fulton

President (Denver School of Music)

Jane Carroll Andrade

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to highly recommend Dino Cuneo as an exceptional drum teacher.  Dino has been teaching our son to play drums for almost three years.  In that time, our son has excelled at drumming and enjoyed his lessons.

Dino possesses a rare combination of innate talent, technical know-how and true artistry.  Plus, he is a naturally gifted teacher.  He really knows how to connect with his students, showing them not only the technical aspects of drumming, but how to feel the rhythm and truly enjoy the music.

Good teachers are passionate about their subjects.  Dino is passionate about drumming and he shares that passion with his students.  I am confident that anyone interested in learning to play the drums would benefit from his skills.


Jane Carroll Andrade

Frances Toth

To Whom It May Concern:

  Approximately two and one half years ago, I followed up on an advertisement for a drum teacher for my son Tyler.  Dino Cuneo started giving my son drum lessons in January of 2002.  We are very pleased with the progress that Tyler has made working with Mr. Cuneo.  Not only have Tyler's skills improved dramatically, but he looks forward to his weekly lessons and practices religiously everyday. 

  Dino has been very professional in showing up for all lessons and extremely courteous in dealing with both our scheduling conflicts or changes.  We have enjoyed working with Dino and have referred him to our neighbors and friends.  We will continue to work with Dino now and in the future.


Andy, Frances and Tyler Toth

Evergreen, Co. 80439

Drum Student Recommendation        

To anyone seriously wanting to learn:

About three and a half years ago for my thirteenth birthday, I asked my parents for a drum kit. Drumming was something that I had always had an interest in but never actually decided to take up. After playing for a year and not getting anywhere my dad told me that he heard of a private instructor that had a different approach to teaching and that he actually traveled to the home of the student. Deciding to give this instructor a chance, I began taking lessons from Dino Cuneo. Ever sense the day of my first lesson I have progressed in ways that I never dreamed possible and there has never been a time where at the end of the lesson I have not felt accomplished. From that day on, two years ago, I have been taking drum lessons from Dino for an hour every week and each week I know that in some way Dino will be able to inspire me and improve me as a drummer.

His teaching style is something that I find simply brilliant. He is excellent at finding my weaknesses and applying material that will help me work through those weaknesses and eventually develop them into one of my strengths. The way that he is able to take all of the little things he taught me at the beginning and being able to put them all together later on to make me strong where other drummers are weak is simply amazing. That just goes to prove that his non-traditional method of teaching really does work and that any one who wants to learn to play the “entire kit” will not be left disappointed. From teaching me to become ambidextrous in my drumming, to the weekly practice CDs, to the amazing books that Dino has written, and all the way to helping me become independent in all four limbs, Dino is the perfect teacher for both beginner and advanced drummers. No matter what your skill level Mr. Cuneo is able to help you learn the art of drumming as well as teach you everything you need to know about becoming the drummer you always dreamed of.

Preston Welker

16 yrs old


Michael Campbell

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Michael Campbell,

  I am a 40 year old male who once played drums in High School.  After High School I married and had children and did not pick up my passion of drumming again until I was 33 years old.  At 33 I had the money and time to pursue my hobby again and hired Dino Cuneo as my instructor.  I expected my lessons to be simple, boring and effortless, but found none of those things to be true.  Mr. Cuneo not only was able to awaken my passion, but he was able to tap into my personal qualities that I had forgotten.  Through his patience and method of teaching, I actually looked forward to each lesson with more enthusiasm than ever.  I had to quit drumming for a while due to a serious disabling disease, but recently have started to take lessons again.  I had to re-learn a lot of material all over again, and Dino has shown more patience and commitment to my passion of drumming as though it was his own passion.  Dino Cuneo is not only professional in his approach, he is consistent and truly understanding and accommodating to my special needs.  I again look forward to my lessons, and it is refreshing to know that people like Dino can still rise to the occasion of helping others in need and I highly recommend him to others.  

Thank you Mr. Cuneo


Michael E. Campbell


Patrick Flick

Re/Max Alliance

To Whom It May Concern:

After years of keeping time on my desk in High School, the steering wheel, the kitchen table and any other surface that would get in my way, at 37 I purchased a drum kit, and began to play along as best I could to music.  After a year of this, I answered an ad "Have Sticks Will Travel" in our local paper.  Dino Cuneo took what I was able to do and direct it into real structure, and taught me how to read basic music.  After 38 years of being a wanna be drummer, I had developed some bad habits in regards to drumming.  Dino helped me overcome these.  Dino has helped me to see drumming in its most simplistic form to its most intricate, and how true masters incorporate both to make a drum kit a true musical instrument.  If you're reading this you must have an interest (even if slight) in learning how to play, or if you already play and want to expand on what you already know, don't wait, it took me a year of messing around before I got serious.  So if you're serious call Dino and you'll soon be making music on the drums.


Patrick A. Flick


Susan Frazier

October, 1st, 2002

Dino Cuneo has taught our Son Casey over the past year.  Due to Mr. Cuneo's instruction we feel that Casey has greatly improved as a drummer and all around musician.

Mr. Cuneo has always been courteous, positive and flexible to our family's schedule.  We have appreciated his input and expertise over these past several months.

We would highly recommend him to those seeking drum lessons regardless of experience or level.  We feel he can add something to any level of drumming.


Jeffrey P. Frazier and Susan D. Frazier



Kristan Anderson

February 6th 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

  Our Son Mark started taking weekly drum lessons from Dino Cuneo in July 2002.  We are amazed at how Mark's drum skill have progressed since starting the lessons.  He receives a practice CD from Dino each week that Mark will play along with to learn the beats.  We never have to ask him to practice.  He has now learned beats from jazz to rock and everything in between.  He looks forward to his lesson every week and is very disappointed if that lesson is cancelled for any reason.  Mark has become very passionate and has gained a lot of confidence in his drumming skill since meeting with Dino.

  Dino has a great way of relating with Mark.  His enthusiasm and extraordinary talent that he brings to each lesson engages and challenges Mark to continue to improve.  Dino is a wonderful teacher.  I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in taking his or her drumming skills to a whole new level!


Jim and Kristan Anderson






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