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(Professional Bassist/Instructor)

Richy's Bio

Richy Weber graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelors in Music, majoring in jazz studies and commercial music.  Richy studied under "Kenny Walker" who is the house bassist at (El Chipoltapec) in Denver and played with "Eddie Harris", "Joe Pass".  Rich played and recorded with Grammy award winner, pianist "Karl Burger", and went to New York to study under "John Patitucci" who way "Chick Corea's" bassist.  Richy sat in with "Beyonce's" band in New York.  He has taught famous individuals such as James Gambilfini's Son and "Usher's" tour manager.


("Progression X" - Not Yet Released) ("Revvise" - In Publication) ("Broken Couches" - Stereo Robotics) ("Bill Write Trio" - Self Titled) ("The Still Life" - Self Titled)  ("Mamily fembers" - Self Titled) ("One True Lake" - Beloved) ("Amy and the Cheetahs" - Stars and Beyond) ("Amy and the Cheetahs" - Here in the Mountains) ("Damobb" - Self Titled)  


(Letters of Recommendation)

  • Kenny Walker
  • Eric Gunnison




(Method of instruction)

Richy's initial musical instruction with his students begins with the basics of tuning-restringing your instrument.  String/note names, getting to know your goals with the instrument, and what playing style you wish to pursue.  From there the real instruction begins with:

  • Chordal structure "major, minor, augmented, and diminished" position playing, triads "closed and spread voiced" intervals. The pentatonic scale, the diatonic melodic minor, and harmonic minor modes, arpeggios "both triadic and four part", the diminished scale, song analysis, intonation, and improvisational techniques.

  • Richy teaches "Slap", "Tapping", "Plucking", "Finger Style", "Pick Style" and "Thumb Style".

  • Using different techniques/special effects to alter tones including: vibrato, staccato, tapping harmonics, and effect pedals designed for acoustic, electric, and upright bass.

  • Learning songs that student request's, such as songs on the radio and writing songs to apply the materials talked about above to implement the techniques in every one of my students playing.

  • Richy teaches (rock/jazz/funk/hip hop/blues/latin/reggae/country/punk rock/metal) incorporating the students own unique style of playing, including learning songs that student wants to play from CD's or sheet music.





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